Modern Beaumont Armchair, custom execution available

$1,222.00 $3,555.00

Single Seat
W 9 8 0 * D 1 1 5 0 * H 8 4 0
Leather, Nubuck Leather, PU leather,  French Velvet, Velour, different kinds of Fabrics ….
Version A means 80%-90% replica (OEM materials)
Version A Plus means 98-99% replica ( genuine materials)
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Capetown SumatraCapetown SumatraCasablanca Pewter SwatchCasablanca Pewter SwatchCasablanca Smoke SwatchCasablanca Smoke SwatchCastle BrickCastle BrickCastle OliveCastle OliveChampion BlackChampion BlackChampion CurlingChampion CurlingChampion ThymeChampion ThymeColiseum RubyColiseum RubyColonade CognacColonade CognacCurator CoffeeCurator CoffeeDavincigrisDavincigrisDavincinocheDavincinocheElmotique AtlanticElmotique AtlanticElmotique AvocadoElmotique AvocadoElmotique BlackElmotique BlackElmotique ChampagneElmotique ChampagneElmotique Light Yellow.Elmotique Light Yellow.Elmotique OxbloodElmotique OxbloodElmotique PoppyElmotique PoppyElmotique TangerineElmotique TangerineElmotique Warm BrownElmotique Warm BrownEncore AlmondEncore AlmondEncore AquamarineEncore AquamarineEncore ChestnutEncore ChestnutEncore NightEncore NightEncore ToastEncore ToastEquestrian LicoriceEquestrian LicoriceGrotto BrittleGrotto BrittleGrotto CaribbeanGrotto CaribbeanGrotto CitrineGrotto CitrineGrotto CoralGrotto CoralGrotto EvergreenGrotto EvergreenGrotto FernGrotto FernGrotto IvoryGrotto IvoryGrotto LagerGrotto LagerGrotto MidnightGrotto MidnightGrotto MossGrotto MossHarvest BambooHarvest BambooHarvest DoveHarvest DoveHarvest IvoryHarvest IvoryHarvest OrangeHarvest OrangeHarvest PomegranateHarvest PomegranateImperial ElkImperial ElkImperial MossImperial MossImperial PalmImperial PalmImperial SisalImperial SisalImperial SunglowImperial SunglowLuxe EbonyLuxe EbonyLuxe SandLuxe SandLuxe SmokeLuxe SmokeMaxima CementMaxima CementPoetry BuffPoetry BuffPoetry CremePoetry CremePoetry StormPoetry StormPoetry TobaccoPoetry TobaccoPoetry TomatoPoetry TomatoPrestige CloudPrestige CloudPrestige Grizzley.Prestige Grizzley.Prestige IvoryPrestige IvoryPrestige SaddlePrestige SaddleSan Remo BlackSan Remo BlackSan Remo BrandySan Remo BrandySan Remo ChestnutSan Remo ChestnutSan Remo CornflowerSan Remo CornflowerSan Remo Dark BrownSan Remo Dark BrownSan Remo EmeraldSan Remo EmeraldSan Remo JadeSan Remo JadeSan Remo MandarinSan Remo MandarinSan Remo ParchmentSan Remo ParchmentSan Remo RivieraSan Remo RivieraSan Remo ScarletSan Remo ScarletSan Remo WineSan Remo WineSofty BrandySofty BrandySofty GreySofty GreySofty WhiteSofty WhiteTerrain BlackTerrain BlackTerrain GraniteTerrain GraniteTerrain SandTerrain SandTerrain SapphireTerrain SapphireTexas AlmondTexas AlmondTexas FudgeTexas FudgeTexas MushroomTexas MushroomTexas NectarineTexas NectarineTexas PalomaTexas PalomaTexas QuarryTexas QuarryTribe DesertTribe DesertTribe EarthTribe EarthTribe MidnightTribe MidnightWriter CaravanWriter CaravanWriter FleetWriter FleetWriter TrekWriter TrekChampion WhiteChampion WhiteEncore WhiteEncore WhiteMaxima OysterMaxima OysterShow WhiteShow WhiteBlackBlack101011111112121313141415151616171718181919223355668899


Is an elegant and sleek range of furniture including sofa and armchair. The wide, curvaceous frame surrounds a comfortable seat. The frame is available upholstered in a quilted diamond stitch, or in precious briar root. The design of the armrest extends outwards from the frame. The result is aerodynamic and modern, yet the overriding sensation is inviting and relaxing.

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Leather, Nubuck, Velvet, Velour


Capetown Sumatra, Casablanca Pewter Swatch, Casablanca Smoke Swatch, Castle Brick, Castle Olive, Champion Black, Champion Curling, Champion Thyme, Coliseum Ruby, Colonade Cognac, Curator Coffee, Davincigris, Davincinoche, Elmotique Atlantic, Elmotique Avocado, Elmotique Black, Elmotique Champagne, Elmotique Light Yellow., Elmotique Oxblood, Elmotique Poppy, Elmotique Tangerine, Elmotique Warm Brown, Encore Almond, Encore Aquamarine, Encore Chestnut, Encore Night, Encore Toast, Equestrian Licorice, Grotto Brittle, Grotto Caribbean, Grotto Citrine, Grotto Coral, Grotto Evergreen, Grotto Fern, Grotto Ivory, Grotto Lager, Grotto Midnight, Grotto Moss, Harvest Bamboo, Harvest Dove, Harvest Ivory, Harvest Orange, Harvest Pomegranate, Imperial Elk, Imperial Moss, Imperial Palm, Imperial Sisal, Imperial Sunglow, Luxe Ebony, Luxe Sand, Luxe Smoke, Maxima Cement, Poetry Buff, Poetry Creme, Poetry Storm, Poetry Tobacco, Poetry Tomato, Prestige Cloud, Prestige Grizzley., Prestige Ivory, Prestige Saddle, San Remo Black, San Remo Brandy, San Remo Chestnut, San Remo Cornflower, San Remo Dark Brown, San Remo Emerald, San Remo Jade, San Remo Mandarin, San Remo Parchment, San Remo Riviera, San Remo Scarlet, San Remo Wine, Softy Brandy, Softy Grey, Softy White, Terrain Black, Terrain Granite, Terrain Sand, Terrain Sapphire, Texas Almond, Texas Fudge, Texas Mushroom, Texas Nectarine, Texas Paloma, Texas Quarry, Tribe Desert, Tribe Earth, Tribe Midnight, Writer Caravan, Writer Fleet, Writer Trek, Champion White, Encore White, Maxima Oyster, Show White, Black, 10, 1, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9

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